Havenhall is an Australian owned Boutique Pharmacy Sales Company . Our dedicated field team service over 3,000 pharmacies nationally. We take pride in what we do, and our professional and strategic approach assures success every time.

Our point of difference is when you deal with us, it is like having your own dedicated sales team. We choose to work with people selling quality products, who want to work with us to see their market share in pharmacy grow. In order to offer this specialised service, we must limit our selection of brands to ensure that everyone gets a fair share of the sales call and there is good focus on every range, in every call. We only ever represent a very few number of brands so that every product gets focus in every single sales call.

We have a long history of beng outsanding brand custodians and we are able to offer a highly professional and dedicated service to your pharmacy sales.

Our team are all career sales professionals, many of whom hold very strong and well established relationships with pharmacies in their territories. The sales team use an electronic system which makes planning, reporting and management of their territories transparent and simple. We are firm believers and experts in training and imparting knowledge to all pharmacy staff – we are not just simple order takers or commission paid agents.

Our management team have great relationships with all of the wholesalers and banner groups and have a good close working relationship with them.

Our services include:

Field Force – National representation
Key Account Management – Established and great relationships in the trade
Logistics – We have our own warehouse and are able to send out promotional material, process promotional stock, warehouse, pick pack and sort all kinds of inventory.
IMS Reporting – Full reporting suite of market intelligence data

We will manage and build your business in the pharmacy channel across Australia using a strategic and professional approach.