Havenhall is an Australian-owned Boutique Pharmacy Sales Company. Our dedicated field team services over 4,000 individual pharmacies nationally and we enjoy strong relationships with the pharmacy wholesalers and banner groups across Australia.


Having used a variety of sales brokers in the past, we realised there was a gap in the market for  a company that can represent a variety of third parties, giving each brand its fair share of voice - focussing on sales, training, merchandising and building market share. We are not a “flick and tick” company like so many others; our real point of difference is that we dedicate time and energy to every client.


Havenhall is your own dedicated sales team providing a premium service. We choose to work with clients who represent quality products, with a goal to see their market share in pharmacy grow. In order to offer this specialised service, we are very selective, ensuring that all products are deservedly represented in each and every call.  

Havenhall has a long history of being outstanding brand custodians offering highly professional and dedicated service to your pharmacy sales, embodied by our company mission statement - Outstanding Brands, Excellent Service, Tangible Results

Our team are experienced sales professionals, all of whom hold very strong and well established relationships with pharmacies in their territories. 


All planning, reporting and management of their territories is handled electronically, ensuring the information is transparent and easily understood by our partners. We are firm believers and experts in training and imparting knowledge to all pharmacy staff – we are not just simple order takers or commission paid agents.

We will manage and build your business in pharmacy, nation-wide, using a strategic, professional, tried and proven approach.





We pride ourselves on successful long term relationships with our clients, here are a few of our 20+ clients we have worked with over the last 30 years.




Havenhall and Gateway Brands became trade partners in June 2013 to help execute our launch of Betaglucare into the Australian market.


Our product was first to market and had medical science behind it which required some technical pharmacy training to understand the product and how it worked. The product has a recommended retail price point of $36 and did not sell on price, the benefits and efficacy needed to be clearly communicated.

​We appointed Havenhall as our pharmacy trade partner because we are able to get the right technical ability to detail our product and also get good focus in every sales call.

The Havenhall sales team has played an important role in establishing our product from a zero base in the Australian market and I would recommend them as a partner of choice in pharmacy retail execution.

Greg Tester, Director

Gateway Brands Pty Ltd

TLC Diagnostics started the partnership with Havenhall in 2011. During this time, Havenhall has helped grow our brand, Medescan, from relative anonymity to a well-recognised and respected brand.

Havenhall has continuously helped to increase sales, market our brand and aid in the introduction of new lines into Pharmacy.

We view Havenhall as an integral part of our future growth plans and have no hesitation in recommending the Havenhall team as an invaluable partner in the pharmacy industry.

Chad Diba, CEO

TLC Diagnostics Pty Ltd

HARTMANN and Havenhall have been in partnership since 2010 and it has proven to be a very successful and trusting relationship. In this time, Havenhall have significantly grown our position in pharmacy and this could not have been achieved without the true dedication of not only their sales force, but the wider Havenhall team behind the scenes.


Communication is key in our relationship and this is always transparent and straightforward. They provide expert advice and are invaluable as a sounding board for strategy development and execution in the pharmacy channel.


Havenhall are an extension of our own company and as such they support and promote our brands as they would their own. I would not hesitate to recommend Havenhall as a valuable partner to work with in pharmacy.

Louisa Coleman, Channel Manager, Primary Care

Paul Hartman Pty Ltd

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We can't wait to hear from you

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