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A boutique pharmacy sales organisation

unlocking opportunities for healthcare brands




It started many years ago when our own experience with a broker was less than ideal.

There was a big book of products and if we got a mention we were lucky and usually, the best mention was “we have this do you want it?”  


Our business model is one where we carry a small well defined portfolio of brands (typically 8-9 at any one time) allowing focus and share of voice in every call. This is as close as it gets to owning your own sales team, in reality this is a shared sales team.


We call on thousands of pharmacies every cycle, and not just banners - we have great relationships with many independent pharmacies too.


We can do this because of our small portfolio of brands.

Havenhall is your own dedicated sales team providing a premium service. We choose to work with clients who represent quality products, with a goal to see their market share in pharmacy grow. We are very selective who we work with and if we are right for each other, our track record and proven processes have yielded great results. 


Are we right for each other?

Are you serious about investing in your brand,

market share and footprint in pharmacy?


Do you understand the pharmacy market?

The pharmacy market is unique with literally thousands of independent owners,

many belonging to banner groups and a high expectation of service.


Do you have traction?
Our business model is well suited to brands with some traction

and have the potential to experience remarkable growth.


Success will happen if we are all aligned to the same metrics,

expected outcomes and united on strategy.

All planning, reporting and management of the sales team’s territories are managed electronically, ensuring the information is transparent and easily understood by our partners. We are firm believers and experts in training and imparting knowledge to all pharmacy staff – we are more than just simple order takers or commission paid agents.






We are experienced brand custodians and brand builders for quality products. We have a rich history and a strong track record.

We hold long standing strong relationships across the industry and we connect the best brands to the best retailers.

We are driven to produce outstanding results for our brands and our retailers.

We will manage and build your business in pharmacy, nation-wide, using a strategic, professional, tried and proven approach.



We pride ourselves on successful long term relationships with our clients,

working as one team promotes long term success.



1609 Botany Road

Botany 2019 NSW

Tel: 02 93169810


Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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