When choosing a maternity bra, buying a bra with cup sizes might not be your best option…. During pregnancy your breasts will change in size. The hormonal changes during pregnancy cause changes in your breast tissue as well as increased blood flow. This swollen, sore, tingly feeling is completely natural and may make your breasts a bit sensitive to touch. Whilst you are breastfeeding your breasts will fill up with milk and empty out so they are constantly changing, it is also completely normal for one breast to be bigger than the other. With all this change happening pregnant and breastfeeding mums have found it virtually impossible to find a bra that provides comfort and the right fit during all these stages.


uGrowTM is the special design of fabric knit and mesh used in creating a maternity bra that provides sufficient ‘give’ enabling it to stretch, grow and change with the changes happening with your breasts. uGrowTM  was developed in conjunction with a Danish medical fabrics manufacturer, where comfort and support is critical in creating the right product for the user.  The images below show typical changes of breast sizes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.